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Armbruster - we live and breathe pasta!





We value good cooperation with employees, customers and in our collaboration with suppliers.


As a family business from Ortenau, we have close ties to our region. Situated at the foot of the Black Forest, we cultivate the local culture, customs and traditions, including culinary delights.


Conscious enjoyment - that is what we are committed to. It's not just a matter of feeding mouths and filling them up, the demands on our products go much further.

Who we are

We are a medium-sized family business that produces dried pasta in over 70 shapes and different quality levels at our Willstätt site, drawing on the experience of over 100 years of company history.

Become part of the team

In order to continue to develop and grow, we are always on the lookout for committed and qualified employees. Get to know us even better and find your place in our company on our careers pages.

Product variety

Pasta is extremely diverse and comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties. The variety of products is impressive and varies according to regional traditions and culinary preferences. Everyone knows spaghetti, penne and tagliatelle. But do you also know Conchiglie, Amorini, Wellenband and Armoniche? Combined with different raw materials and recipes, the result is an almost inexhaustible variety. This variety allows pasta lovers to enjoy a wide range of dishes and culinary experiences.

Certified quality

Our company is certified by external bodies for deliberate reasons. These certificates attest to consistent compliance with high quality standards, reduce the risks of quality defects and errors, ensure that products and processes are continuously improved and further developed and thus create trust and credibility.

Our contribution

We are actively committed to making a positive contribution to society and the environment. We are convinced that companies have a central role to play in shaping a sustainable and responsible future. Values such as credibility, transparency and sustainability are important to us and are deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy.